InternStreet, Bangalore

Co-founder and Marketing Head


I have always liked challenging tasks, so I joined an early-stage startup – InternStreet. InternStreet provides online courses to master skills in Tech, Design and Marketing with curated course curriculum and 1-on-1 mentoring from top industry experts. I was fresh out of college and believed in this idea. So, I took a swift decision to join as a co-founder and marketing head with my friend, Sushant at InternStreet.

As a Co-founder and Marketing Head, I was active in the company decisions and directions with the business development and growth responsibilities. As a Digital Marketer, I was responsible for creating awareness, nurturing leads with the help of the online medium. My work included creating and curating optimized textual and visual content for the website and blog; improving the search engine optimization score. I experimented with paid search and social media advertising to generate leads.
Using WordPress CMS, I created an efficient blog of relevant articles, managing a team of writers across the country. I also formulated a content strategy using insights from the website analytics to understand the best performing topics among audiences. Recycling the content across various visual, textual, audio, video platforms helped me understand different buyer personas.

I was also responsible for managing all the social media content and lead nurturing email automation. Meanwhile, I created an Email course and Ebook in Digital Marketing and used it to attract users and convert them into paying customers.

I run various campaigns, managing interns and campus ambassadors. Campaigns to create awareness among students about Mentoring and importance Skill Development to be industry ready. I closely worked on product and customer care with data backed case studies. It helped to increase the sales and enhance the brand trust of InternStreet.

My experience at InternStreet helped me understand the processes in service industry/ education technology. Right from attracting users to convert them to paying customers after nurturing them as leads. I gained a holistic perspective of running a business and marketing decisions and realized the extent of learning that still lay in front of me.
I understood that in order to create a successful business, I required more hands-on experience. Combining my new-found skills I can help scaling up and sustaining the business processes.