Digital Marketing Jobs are in High Demand – Read 9 Reasons Why

In this era of automation, most jobs today face the risk of being wiped out. On the other hand, increasing automation has also opened up window for new jobs. Digital Marketing is one of those fields which are in huge demand and is staying in the future. It is emerging as one of the highest paying fields and has endless opportunities. Marketing is everlasting; brands need to be heard. That’s why marketing is changing its form to Digital marketing.

According to an article published in The Indian Express, About 87 percent brands leverage digital and 38 percent of them allocate a whopping 1/3rd of their budget to digital marketing”. In the same article, it adds, “Digital marketing is perhaps the only cost-effective and most viable method to get your message out and build a solid consumer base.” (source)

In today’s connected world consumers are glued to their smartphones. Traditional marketing techniques are at an all-time low in giving returns. Digital marketing is something which companies/brands are looking up to.

Here are 9 reasons to choose digital marketing as a career

  1. No Educational Qualification Required:

    Digital Marketing doesn’t require any specific degree. And that’s the best aspect of choosing it as a career. It is one of the few fields which don’t require any formal educational qualification. Almost none of the universities provide any formal qualification in Digital Marketing. So, you can be an engineering student or a humanities graduate, it has a role for you. You just have to be serious and adaptable to technological developments.

  2. Higher Paying Job:

    Generally, companies offer good packages to employees in Digital Marketing. A fresher can bag an amount of 18,000 to 25,000 per month. After just an experience of 2 years, you can bag anywhere near 5-12 Lakhs per annum. You’ll be earning way more than most of your peers.

  3. High Demand:

    According to various job portals, it’s the single largest sector that’s getting more demand than supply. There‘s a huge skill gap in the Digital Sector which companies are willing to fill. The packages are whooping and eligible candidates are less. Companies allocate a huge portion of their budget to hire passionate and skilled employees. If you are someone who considers service before self, then Digital Marketing is for you.

  4. The value of Creativity:

    You find beauty in art and appreciate unconventional ways of doing things?
    This is the place which will appreciate your imaginations. You might make it big in this if you believe in experimenting with predefined rules and can’t be tamed. Digital marketing encourages creativity and has no set boundaries.Digital Marketing jobs value creativity | InternStreet

  5. Different from traditional marketing:

    While the traditional marketing strategies are becoming obsolete. Which include television/ radio broadcast advertisement, magazine/ newspaper advertisement, pamphlets, billboards and others. Digital Marketing is here to stay and on par with automation. It’s customer-centric. It educates and spread awareness instead of bombarding them with advertisements.

  6. An abundance of Roles:

    Digital Marketing is a broad term which includes:

    • Digital Marketing Specialisation
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Public Relation Managing
    • Inbound Marketing

And much more!

Because the sector has great growth opportunities, it’s all about having an interest. You can be someone who loves to write or someone who’s social media enthusiast. Digital Marketing is for you if you love technology and are willing to easily excel.

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Contribute to the ongoing Digital Revolution without even starting your career from scratch.

  1. The Future Aspect:

    A decade ago, no one heard about Digital Marketing. It has grown with increased accessibility to the internet and will keep on growing. Being a new field, it is recession proof. No university and college have digital marketing as a course in India. If you are willing to learn it, now is the best time.Digital Marketing has bright future | InternStreet Blog

  2. Flexibility:

    Digital Marketing provides you a flexibility of choosing a field you love. You can go after your interests like strategy or business development. You can choose from social media, creative writing, customer service. Whatever it is, there is a place for you. You’ll be working under someone who’s chill and with a group of people your own age. Teams here get along with each other as their work is closely knitted to each other.

  3. Entrepreneurial Goals:

    There are lots of bootstrap startups having a killer product. But, are unable to sell their product due to lack of proper marketing. If you can market your product, your startup will easily get a measurable amount of traction. As a digital marketer turned entrepreneur; you know your customers! You know their buying behaviors and that’s the key to success of startups which are low on capital.

Digital Marketing is a next big thing and is going to create millions of jobs in the near future. So, if you’re confused where to go or want to change your career path it might be your thing. You need to have a love for technology and should be able to adapt to newer technologies. You can even look for mentors who can guide you through their own experience. Then, start experimenting and see what works best for your target customers. All you need to know is basics of marketing, love of technology and passion for giving whatever it takes.