About Me

Hi there! Writing about oneself is easier said than done.

I’ll give it a try. I’m someone who seeks challenges, I like to learn each day. I like using my both sides of the brain; aka creative side and analytical side. I chose Digital Marketing for the same reason.

Anshuman Agrahari

I love Marketing, it’s something where I can be creative and analyze things to proceed forward. Digital Marketing gives me tons of options of creative ways to reach out the market. Reading is my first love and I often cheat her with writing. My love for both gave me an edge over others in Digital Marketing.

I observe global trends and regularly keep myself updated with events in the news, blogs, social media, online forums, etc. I’m opinionated on matters, but receptive to others in discussions and debates which helps me creating content and communicating. I spent a quality time researching and planning then follow the way which can create a huge impact.

I concentrate on not just building an attractive client base that brings benefits to an organization that I work with but to drive the organization’s revenue while making the brand a relatable one for each client through maintained exertion.

Having run my own start-up, I learned a lot about running a business. That helped me push myself to achieve goals as it directly impacted the revenue. I also learned managing teams and taking out the best of it. It also involved setting up business and personal goals, engaging interns and expanding the marketing and sales funnel output.


Wanna know more about me?

Let’s go a few years back, people usually don’t write about their schooling despite it being a phase which htruly shapes  one for the future. Being a small town guy, I was fortunate enough to complete my schooling in a decent school; Kendriya Vidyalaya guys will agree! That was a phase where I happened to be an Allrounder; very active in academics, sports, and cultural activities. I developed my interest in science, mathematics and language. Reading, participation in debates, quizzes, discussions, and many other things developed me as I’m today.

Like millions other Indian science students, I went for engineering, choose Electrical Engineering because ‘core’. I was good in academics, but I hated my subject. I attended many workshops, vocational training, seminars, etc. But I couldn’t find an interest out of those. College taught me; it’s not necessary to like what you’re good at. I participated in sports, and other co-curricular activities; organized various events and fests.

Meanwhile, my love for reading and writing grew, I was following a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. I had a childhood dream, of being an Indian Army Officer. I was working very hard towards achieving my dreams. 

Organizing Ability, Social Adaptability, Liveliness and Determination are 4 of the Fifteen Officers Like Qualities for they look for in an SSB for Recommending Officers in Indian Army. These are some of my strengths.

Finally, I got ‘Recommended’ for selection as a commissioned officer in Indian Army from 17 SSB, Bangalore. Hit a roadblock there.

After that, I joined Sushant, as a co-founder at InternStreet, I always loved technology and my curiosity did the rest. I quickly completed some popular Google and Hubspot certifications in Digital Marketing and started to apply in my work.
I ran few campaigns and created an Ebook too, which got a huge response. Also, I started professional and guest blogging; got a few appreciations there.

Thanks if you’re still here. Let’s connect on LinkedIn!